Carnival Glass


Lewis Betts // Freya Douglas-Morris // Grant Foster // Archie Franks // Brian Griffiths // Lydia Hardwick // Lana Locke

On 4th December group exhibition Carnival Glass will open at Block 336. Carnival Glass is curated by Archie Franks and brings together seven artists whose works explore alternative histories, and share varied discourses, ranging from the traditions of the gothic, baroque and rococo, to aspects of the carnivalesque. These artists work beyond the remit of modernist orthodoxy, instead mining different cultural and historical tangents. In an often unsettling world, the traditions and themes of the gothic and carnivalesque can provide a slippage into other worldly narration and dark romanticism, where the illusionary and the obscure hold sway, a topsey turvey down world that shines a light on a bitter beauty and where there is clarity amongst the chaos.

Lewis Betts talking about making:

"I think of almost everything in terms of collage, everything is a remix, a combine, an amalgamation, a stew or soup maybe."

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