Sluice_2015 Press Review

Apollo // Josh Spero // a-n


Apollo magazine's Frieze Bites, day 5:

Alex Meurice of Slate Projects has curated ‘There’s No Place Like Homebase’, a neatly constructed exhibition of works by Lewis Betts, Oliver Hickmet and Rae Hicks. There’s a smart interplay here between the build of the stand and the places that these artists show or evoke: a wall drawing by Betts is still drying on site, like a recently graffitied wall – but with an alluringly provisional quality. Rae Hicks paints images of buildings and houses that have a childlike simplicity – but on a large scale, and with a bold palette that endows them with a compelling surrealism.


Josh Spero's Frieze Week diary:

Rae Hicks at Slate Projects paints seemingly simple scenarios with terrific acuity and conceptual verve, like the window below, whereby he can explore how we understand the space we live in and the banal shapes that occupy it too.


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