Ambit Magazine 219

'Painting as Critique' by Alex Meurice

The latest issue of Ambit magazine (219), includes an essay by Alex Meurice titled 'Painting as Critique'. A connection is made between the deliberately counter-photographic style of Edouard Manet's paintings of the 1850s and some contemporary painters' ambivalence around the screen. The essay discusses the work of Alex Ball, Gordon Cheung, Thomas Hutton, Christopher Page, and Luke Rudolf.

Uniting art, prose, poetry and reviews, Ambit magazine appears quarterly and is distributed internationally. Notable contributors have included J. G. Ballard, Eduardo Paolozzi, Ralph Steadman, Carol-Ann Duffy, Fleur Adcock, Peter Blake and David Hockney. Despite the wealth of recognisable names, Ambit also features the work of new, unpublished writers.


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