Alex Ball curates Points of Contact

No Format Gallery from March 13

Curated by artists Alex Ball and Zoe Schoenherr, 'Points of Contact' considers visual and tactile experiences of architecture as starting points for a broader investigation into the nebulous overlaps and tensions between surface and depth, flatness and structure, the solid and the ephemeral.

With an emphasis on haptic and embodied forms of engagement, the show will exhibit works that make connections between the body of the viewer and the body of the artwork. It will also consider how the dichotomies of flatness and depth, intimacy and distance, set out by writer Juhani Pallasmaa, might begin to slide into one another within the architecture and space of the city.

The show will include artists drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as the ergonomics of urban structures, such as transport and the workplace, languages of graphic design, and advertisements for aspirational living, as well as their methods of display. Drawing together the variety of approaches these artists use will be a shared questioning of surface and materiality.

Exhibited artists include Rachel Alliston, Alex Ball, Jack Brindley, Agnes Calf, Amy Croft, Terry Ryu Kim, Marcus Orlandi, Christopher Page, Henrik Potter, Niamh Riordan, Zoe Schoenherr, Alaena Turner, Henna Vainio, and Gary Woodley.


Exhibition Dates: 14th–16th / 20th–23rd / 27th–30th March

Opening Times: 12–6pm

Exhibition Tour: 30th March, 3–6pm


No Format Gallery

Second Floor Studios & Arts

Harrington Way (off Warspite Road)

London SE18 5NR