From Centre 11 Apr 2015 - 26 Apr 2015




Private View: 12-6pm, Saturday 11 April, 2015

Exhibition dates: 11 April – 26 April, open Thu-Sun 12-6pm, and by appointment


The Loud & Western Building, 65 Broughton Road, SW6 2LE

Nearest Tube Station: Imperial Wharf






Sometimes I dream of a work of really great breadth, ranging through the whole region of element, object, meaning and style.

This I fear, will remain a dream, but is a good thing even now to bear the possibility occasionally in mind.

Nothing can be rushed. It must grow, it should grow of itself, and if the time ever comes for that work - then so much the better!

-- Paul Klee, On Modern Art, 1948


From Centre, curated with Saturation Point Projects, is a group exhibition which surveys contemporary approaches to reductive geometric painting, drawing and sculpture. Spanning several generations of artists, born in every decade from the 1930s to the 1980s, From Centre makes the case for the growing relevance of abstract art in the UK today. The exhibition is especially marked by the legacy of the Systems Group and European Constructivism, as well as a number of direct pedagogic connections from Tess Jaray’s tenure at the Slade and Peter Lowe’s at Goldsmiths. Making use of all three floors in a converted laundry factory, the works exhibited expand on the notions of architecture, space and surface, and span the spectrum between systematic and intuitive approaches.

An illustrated catalogue with essays by Nathan Cohen, Laura Davidson and Alex Meurice will accompany the exhibition.

From its Edwardian beginnings to the turn of the twentieth century, the Loud & Western Building was home to one of London's largest commercial laundry operations, Sunlight Laundry. During the Blitz, the building served as a volunteer sand-bagging centre and today is in the process of being converted into residential apartments.

Saturation Point is an online editorial and curatorial project for reductive, geometric and systems artists working in the UK: click here to read more.


List of artists:


William Angus-Hughes

Rana Begum

Martin Church

Nathan Cohen

Rhys Coren

Natalie Dower

Judith Duquemin

Julia Farrer

Ben Gooding

Lothar Götz

Hanz Hancock

Tess Jaray

Silvia Lerin

Peter Lowe

Patrick Morrissey

Laurence Noga

Charley Peters

Richard Plank

Giulia Ricci

Carol Robertson

Robin Seir

Steve Sproates

Trevor Sutton



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